Qsine on Celebrity Silhouette

Jul 15, 2018

With our finances a little on the tight side at the moment, we didn’t eat in as many of the speciality restaurants onboard Celebrity Silhouette as we’d have liked, but one we really wanted to try was Qsine as it’s a little different to other restaurants we’ve tried on our previous cruises – and iPads are involved so what’s not to like 😉

The list price was $45 per person, but we’d been offered $30 each whilst we were having a nosey one day, which we gladly booked for.

Elliot came with us – he’d already met many of the staff around the ship and they doted on him completely, giving him his own iPad to watch the fun ‘Disco Shrimp’ videos and make virtual cocktails, which he thought was brilliant!

Food here is served tapas-style, there are no starters or mains as such, you simply order the dishes you like the sound of and keep eating until you’re full!

Everyone is given an iPad, which has the menu on it – it’s very easy to use and the staff will help you, so don’t be put off if tech’s not your thing!  You each add the dishes to your list of favourites – your waiter will then take a look and bring dishes that you all like, or those that you definitely wish to try.

The portions are generous and all the dishes we chose were very tasty… Tony’s not a huge fan of seafood, so I didn’t opt to try some of the very-fishy dishes I’d have liked, but had we been with a bigger group I definitely would have.

We chose a number of dishes – an eclectic mix shall we say?!

Qsine's Sushi LollipopsSushi Lollipops – Tony wasn’t sure about these, but they were a must for me as I love Sushi!  Elliot enjoyed the salmon ones, even those dipped in wasabi!

Qsine Greens – a safe dish 😉  If you love goat cheese you will love this – two generous goat cheese ‘cakes’ with a fresh green salad.

Spring Rolls – we nearly ordered more of these, they were delicious – there were two pulled pork rolls with BBQ sauce and two vegetable rolls with a sweet and sour sauce, served with a tasty coleslaw.

Qsine's Disco Shrimp

Disco Shrimp – one of the signature dishes, a twist on a classic shrimp cocktail – very refreshing.

Taj Mahal – five excellent curries, all different flavours, served with poppadoms.

Persian Kebob – amazing! Described as skewered chicken, this was served to the table on a sword! Annoyingly, I didn’t get a photo of it before the waiter took it off the sword.  One of the best chicken dishes I’ve ever had – the chicken was cooked to perfection, as were the vegetables and rice.

We could have carried on, the waiter would have brought more, but we were pretty full at this point!

Qsine Dessert MenuAnd then for dessert… the menu is a retro puzzle that folds out, with descriptions that are quite intriguing…

I chose the ‘Silver Bullet’ – it was huge! Packed full of ice cream and sorbet, topped with berries – delicious!  Tony chose the ‘Chocolate Tombstone’ – a twist of a devil’s cake I think, again delicious and the lady on the table next to us was eyeing it up, too!

Decorating Cupcakes at QsineElliot hit very lucky here… they brought him a tray of cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles so he could decorate his own cakes – what a mess!!  But he loved it, as did the crew and the tables of neighbouring guests as they watched him 🙂

All-in-all this was a great option for us as a family – nothing was too much trouble and there was a really fun but relaxed atmosphere.

17 July 2018 – rumour has it that Qsine will be replaced by Le Petit Chef on Celebrity Silhouette from October… such a shame, but I’d be quite happy to get back onboard and check they’ve made the right decision 😉

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